Deep Water Swinging Moorings

We believe we have the best moorings in Poole Harbour, set either side of the Wareham Channel, in a sheltered area of deepwater between the Arne Peninsula and Lake in Hamworthy. An area of outstanding natural beauty.

Our moorings are laid in lines, using heavy ground chain and high quality riser chain. A numbered mooring buoy is attached to the top of the riser chain, with a yellow hand buoy attached by rope to mooring buoy. To pick up our moorings – simply use your boat hook to grab the yellow hand buoy, then attach your own lines / strop to the top of the mooring buoy. We lift inspect and service every mooring every year to ensure they are in top condition. We have 100 swinging moorings of varying size & draft. We have been operating these moorings since 1938. We grade them into ‘blocks’ of moorings to help identify them.


A block is nearest the shoreline and close to the slipway at Lake Road.They are Hamworthy side of the Wareham Channel between markers buoys WH 3 to WH 4. These moorings are the easiest to reach if under oar power & are the most sheltered.


The main body of deepwater moorings are located here. They are Arne side of the Channel, & are most suited to deep keel boats.


Is located mid way between A & B Block. These moorings were laid with larger vessels in mind, & are ideal for deep keel boats of 12m or more.


These moorings are the furthest away from our Marina & the shoreline. They benefit from the quietest location & can offer a very good value option for the cost conscious boater.


To view and download a PDF of the latest Deep Water Swinging Moorings prices, please click here: Lake Yard Tariffs 2018-19.


If you would like to enquire about our Deep Water Swinging Moorings Please contact Jenny on or call on 01202 674531

Dinghy Racks & Lockers

We have these available for our Mooring customers only, please ask.

* Below is a very helpful layout of our moorings at Lake Yard ( please click on the link to view the PDF) A blank verison of our Moorings from A-D Blocks for all new Mooring or Visiting Vessels

Blank Mooring Plan

IMG_4022Photograph taken on a calm October morning in 2013


Photograph taken from our Lake Yard launch going out to the moorings

slider 6

Photograph taken from our marina of our lovely mooring customer using his dinghy to get ashore


Photograph taken from our marina entrance  over the winter months of a calm morning


Photograph taken out on our launch looking back at our marina


Photograph taken from our Lake Yard launch of our moorings


Photograph taken from Lake Pier just a few minutes away from Lake Yard, there are local beaches and a lovely walk