Lake Yard Quiz Night

Tuesday 27th November

Do you know how many legs a centipede has? Is cirrostratus fibratus a medical condition, a cloud formation or a new breakfast cereal? Which Rolling Stones single was their first Number 1? If you have a love of the obscure and have a photographic memory for trivia and general knowledge then get yourself along to our Quiz Night at Lake Yard on Tuesday November 27th. Starting at 7.00pm, it’s a great chance to pit yourself up against some of the most fertile and knowledgable minds in… er… Hamworthy.

The evening costs £8.00 and includes entry to the quiz and supper. Pease call 01202 676953 or email for more details or to book.

And, just for any interested parties, between 15 and 177 (depending on the species), a cloud formation often preceding light drizzle and ‘It’s All Over Now’ in 1964.

Lake Yard Quiz Night - Tuesday 27th November


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