Club History

The Club enjoys a unique waterfront location with outstanding views of the harbour, Arne peninsula and the Purbeck hills.

Our welcoming clubhouse compliments our location and on-water atmosphere. The exciting style of the Waterfront bar, decking, flooring and ceiling have been much admired, copied and complimented on since our opening.

The Club’s friendly bar combines well with the restaurant and we have earned a reputation for both the quality of our food and wines and for its stylish, relaxed atmosphere.

Club History

Memories of Early Club Days at Olde Lake Yard

About 1989/90 I found myself (and she who must be obeyed) to be members of what was then Dorset Lake Club. It was different then – no marina, just a wooden pier with a fuel pump on the end, the ground floor of the main building was a large Boston Whaler showroom and the Club was a smallish room at the top of the iron staircase. What went on there could fill volumes.

Ken Simmons, the commodore had a personal stool at one end and woe betide anyone who tried to use it! In spite of the size, this small and friendly venue hosted some amazing events. Laying Up and Start of Season Suppers were legendary. We were able to cram some 40 or so die hards onto an L shaped table and we were treated to culinary delights by the head cooks – Sue Culpan and her able assistant Elaine Bird.

I wont say we were cramped but visiting the toilet was an amazing experience – especially for the ladies who had to crawl under the table between the legs of the other diners! These events often went on until 3 in the morning and I even remember sleeping in ‘the flat’ next door and selling our London house from the bed around mid morning the next day.

Club events were always interesting. I did go away on holiday once and returned to find I had been elected ‘cruising officer’(I don’t remember there being an AGM or committee meeting – but that’s how it was). Some events stick in the mind with particular fondness. The Kimmeridge Bay BBQ being one such. 14 or 15 boats of different sizes would anchor in the bay. A bonfire and numerous BBQs would be lit and well, it went from there. A couple of guys with scuba gear went off and dived for scallops which were then cooked over the fire on a piece of corrugated iron – the freshest and most beautiful I have ever tasted.

Another enjoyment was swimming off the back of the boat – some wearing less than others! I will never ever forget seeing the forever solo sailor, our dear and late friend Malcolm Fripp sailing up the harbour on the following Sunday afternoon with an enormous Club BBQ lashed across his foredeck.

The weekend trip to the Folly Inn on Isle of Wight became a regular feature. Occasionally we strayed to Cherbourg though I do recall our doughty Commodore Ken who refused to ever use his engine taking 27 hours to get back (via the Solent) – I think he had to be surgically removed from the cockpit!

I could go on forever but space does not permit. Needless to say happy times have provided happy memories and good friends, too many to mention.

Thank you Lake Yard Club.

‘Old Greybeard’

(formerly known as Peter Fickling)