Visiting By Water

Captain Pete (2)Marina dock and pontoon berth control can be reached by VHF Channel 37, Pete’s Mobile 07791836524 on Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays.

 Tel: 01202 674531 Office Hours Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

Club: 01202 676953

Please make contact before securing your vessel to a swinging mooring or entering the marina dock. (Unless in an emergency)

We have visitor swinging moorings with launch service to and from the club. From time to time permanent berths in the marina dock may be available when the berth holder is out cruising.

Think Pink! Call Pete

We love the water – therefore we love having our members arrive by boat! We have visitor swinging moorings with launch service to and from the club.

But please can all members arriving this way help us to keep our Marina safe, and minimise any problems by understanding the following:

  1. PHONE AHEAD. During office hours call 01202 674531.Friday & Saturday evenings and weekends please call PETE on 07791 836524.  This will allow us to allocate you a berth that is not currently in use (where possible)
  2. In busy times – our marina may look empty, but each berth is assigned to a customer for the year. Some of these berths need CONSTANT access.  Always seek the advice of PETE before berthing.
  3. Never leave your boat in the marina without informing either Pete or the Office. Visiting us is only for patrons of the clubhouse, or by pre-arrangement.
  4. Keep an Eye out! Using any berth may require you to move your boat should the owner of that berth arrive home earlier than expected. You may be requested to move at any time. Thank you your cooperation is appreciated.

We reserve the right to refuse entry.